Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Updates from Gallery ArtPlus

We are just around the corner from the Holiday Season and the traffic is really picking up in our Gallery. Due to the increasing number of curious people and loyal customers, Gallery ArtPlus has discovered some new artists and began to refurbish their inventory of Brian Lorimer paintings.
We have received new jewlery by Tracy John, glass pieces from Paula Vandermay and several others.
Changing Hue 2009 is also still on display until November 28th, 2009. At which point Gallery ArtPlus will begin preparing for their upcoming exhibit with artist David Alexander Risk.
See photos of some of our new pieces below:

Fruit Bowl by Paula Vandermay

Large Heart Pendant by Tracy John

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Unique Gift Ideas From Gallery ArtPlus - Part I

UNDER $100
Gallery ArtPlus is the perfect place to find unique and innovative gifts for those one-of-a-kind people in your life. Make Gallery ArtPlus your one-stop-shop for holiday gift shopping.
This particular blog will feature items from our Gallery for under $100.


The Gallery ArtPlus gift shop holds hundreds of hand-made items, all from local artists. Browse through our mixture of silver, gold, stone, gems, wood, glass and more.

Earrings with Aventurine Briolettes by Shareen Woodford; $50.00
Necklace, Blue Shell with Silver by Shareen Woodford; $20.00
Fused Dichoric Glass Pendant (XL) by Linda Conway on leather rope; $30.00

Browse through a large mixture of platters, bowls, glasses, wine-stoppers and more.

Orange and Yellow Wine Stopper by Mishka Hunter; $20

Wine Glass by Mishka Hunter; $65

Fruit Cup by Mishka Hunter; $30

Glass (Home Decor)

Nothing is more unique then a piece of glass hanging on the wall or displayed on a shelf. Take a look at what our innovative artists have to offer:

Sandblasted Glass Lamp by Marc Bourdon; $45.00

Fused Glass (with metal) Wall Hanging by Linda Conway; $100

Glass and Handpainted Vase by Mishka Hunter; $70.00

Fused Glass Light Catcher (Sm.) by Sally McKay; $36.00


Ice Cream Bowl with Spoon by Jane Thelwell; $14.00

Funnel Mug, Celadon Fish by Jane Thelwell; $20.00

Pasta Bowl by Jane Thelwell; $24.00

Wood Turnings
Each piece is hand-crafted by local artists. Take your pick from any colour, size or style.

Weed Pot by Roger Bodley; $40.00


Gallery ArtPlus sells original prints from local artists. If an original painting is far out of your price range, consider the idea of a high quality print.

Trio by Ed Carson, 13" x 19"; $100
Textiles etc.
Discover your inner fashionista with hand-stitched and woven pieces from Gallery ArtPlus.

Lavender and Blue Scarf by Connie Yrjola; $26.00

Mary Jane Style Shoes by Mola Vida; $115.00

Local artists submit prints of their original artworks to sell as unique gift cards.

Two Pairs and a Pair Card; Original oil on canvas by Joan Mackay ; $4.35

Vintage Vogue Cover card; Original oil on canvas by Dana Cowie; $4.35

Stay tuned for the next update of Great Gifts Under $100.00 from Gallery ArtPlus!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Changing Hue 2009 Feature Artist
Elizabeth Hutchinson

Cafe Lalo by Elizabeth Hutchinson
Oil on Canvas
10" x 18"* $450

Elizabeth Hutchinson has had work at Gallery ArtPlus in the past and it has always been extremely well received and adored by everyone who passes through.
Elizabeth is a very formally trained artist, studying acadmeic realism and receiving her Masters of Fine Art from the New York Acadmey of Art in New York City. She has also studied at O.C.A.D., where, ironically enough one of our other artists, Wendy Cain, was her instructor. We consider Elizabeth to be one of our master artists here at the Gallery. Her paintings portray an excellent understanding of light, perception and composition. The colour palette she uses is always aesthetically pleasing and her paintings are easily imagined in any room of any home.
And I think that only a master artist could produce such high quality "miniatures". Miniatures were Elizabeth's idea to allow her art to be more accessible to everyone, not just to those who have an excess of discretionary income. A very smart idea in this time of recession.
View some of Elizabeth's pieces below:

Lemon Yellow Paint Tube by Elizabeth Hutchinson
Oil on Canvas
4" x 4" $155

Chick by Elizabeth Hutchinson
Oil on Canvas
6" x 6" $240

Amsterdam Punk by Elizabeth Hutchinson
Oil on Canvas
6" x 6" $250

For purchasing information or any other inquiries please contact the gallery.
Phone: 613-961-1977 ext 231
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Andrew Csafordi

Changing Hue 2009 Feature Artist
Andrew Csafordi

Submerged in a Dream by Andrew Csafordi
Encaustic and Mixed Media
6" x 6" $450

"I believe that when one starts to play, serious creativity can be the result." - A. Csafordi

Andrew Csafordi is an encaustic painter. Encaustic painting is a type of media which involves using heated beeswax to which coloured pigments are added. Sometimes the pigments mixed into the beeswax are made of powder and sometimes oil paints or sticks. The wax (coloured or uncoloured, depending upon the piece) is then layered onto a hard surface (in this case, wood), and up to a hundred layers of wax may be applied to one piece until Andrew feels satisfied that his work is completed. The wax is manipulated using different heating tools, in Andrew's case a heat gun, and instruments to shape the wax before it cools.
Andrew is passionate about Encaustic Painting because it allows the viewer to touch and to feel the work, which is a rare commodity when one considers that art is rarely ever made or allowed to be touched. For him, Encaustic painting is a spontaneous way of fusing ideas through the use of beeswax, layers of colour and many other media that he is likely to include in his paintings. Planning is a difficult feat in the process of encuastic painting, so Andrew prefers to label some of the slightly bumpy texture on his works "planned chance".
Andrew's pieces are of the type that can be looked upon for hours. The endless array of textures and materials allows the onlooker to see something new every time they catch a glimpse of the work.
Some intriguing images can be seen below:

Red Sky at Night by Andrew Csafordi
Encaustic and Mixed Media
8" x 24" $850

For purchasing inquiries or more information please contact the Gallery.
Phone: 613-961-1977 ext. 231
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wendy Cain

Changing Hue 2009 Feature Artist
Wendy Cain

Untitled by Wendy Cain
Handmade Paper Pulp and Spray Stencil
15" x 11"* $425

Wendy Cain is an artist with a wealth of education and experience. She has received a Bachelor's Degree with honors in fine art from the University of Toronto and is also a graduate of O.C.A.D. As mentioned before, Wendy was also an instructor at the Ontario Academy of Art and we have personally witnessed the quality of student she has instructed (Elizabeth Hutchinson).
She has exhibited her work provincially, nationally and internationally for over thirty-five years. Wendy's pieces on display for this exhibit are all created from handmade paper, a studio practise which she has worked in for over two decades. This process has seperate challenges than traditional painting, all which motivate Wendy to return to the studio time after time, to continuously create works that are fresh and new.
When the hand-made paper is subjected to extended time periods in a Hollander paper beater, the pulp becomes extremely creamy with a similar texture to yogurt. Then, the pulp is coloured with intense pigments and Wendy sprays the fine layers of pulp through a sequence of natural stencils which she finds in her garden. Though the process is not really as easy as it sounds.
When Wendy is painting, she paints on an extremely reflective surface so details become nearly impossible to see. As well, the media used to paint dries a different colour than when it is applied. The Frosted Landscape Series (on display for Changing Hue 2009) includes a series of lusture pigments added to the pulp, which is what gives the series it's 'frosted' appearance.
The Series of Conversations (on Display for Changing Hue 2009) refer to the relationship between a classical Greek pot and a drawing of another form.
See images of Wendy's time consuming work below:

From the Frosted Landscape Series:

Frosted Landscape Series - Untitled III by Wendy Cain
Handmade Paper Pulp and Spray Stencil (framed)
29" x 32"* $1,075

Untitled (Blue Cosmos) by Wendy Cain
Handmade Paper Pulp and Spray Stencil (framed)
7" x 6"* $210

From A Series of Small Conversations:

A Series of Small Conversations V by Wendy Cain
Handmade Paper Pulp and Spray Stencil
10" x 10"* $320

* All dimensions are measurements of the piece inside of the frame. Including the matte, each frame adds about 2-3 inches to the size of the art work. Retail prices include the frames.

For purchasing inquiries please contact Gallery ArtPlus.
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E-Mail: Brittany.Knapp@GalleryArtPlus.com

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Marie Timbers

Changing Hue 2009 Feature Artist
Marie Timbers

Reclamation by Marie Timbers
Mixed Media on Canvas
24" x 24" $600

Marie Timbers is our artist from Toronto. Marie's works are all abstract pieces that depict different harmonious images, thoughts and landscapes through a variety of media.

She has two series here on display which are titled as Healing Circles and Rejuvenation. Both of these series expose deep inward thought in regards to the world that surrounds us. Rejuvenation was inspired by the natural world, ". . .deep into forest shadows where evidence of rebirth, and Nature's power to heal and restore herself were evident". With the use of birch bark, Marie adds an interesting visual texture to her abstract images and allows the onlooker to consider the true meaning behind her series. The Healing Circles are a series of collage paintings that incorporate natural fibers, plant materials, hand made papers, copper wire and watermedia paints. This series of paintings concentrates on the circle in it's shape and form, but the deeper meaning of the "Circle" is also embraced. Marie states, "We honor the Circle of Life, participate in Healing Circles and we are reminded, what goes around comes around".
Common Threads is a painting of Marie's that is individually themed from the rest. The message behind this painting is spiritually powerful and deeply inspiring: "I believe we are all on the same quest for a life of goodness; searching for a path that will lead us to connect more full with others and ultimately to a place of truth and spiritual awareness. There are 'Common Threads' that run through all spiritual paths. . . eternal truths that will lead us forward to a place of onenness with the universe".
Oftentimes there is something more than meets the eye. This is certainly the case with Marie's work, and I feel the sincere inspiration behind her pieces adds to their quality and beauty.
Some images are depicted below:

Prairie Vista by Marie Timbers
Mixed Media on Canvas (framed)
14" x 18" $350

Common Threads by Marie Timbers
Mixed Media on Canvas
16" x 16" $400
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Changing Hue 2009

Changing Hue 2009 is an interesting exhibit, in which I can say the only common theme between the works is that they are all very different.
Each of our four artists specialize in different media. Andrew Csafordi is an encaustic painter. Which means that the main ingredient in his paintings is beeswax. He also incorporates plant materials, natural fibers and different types of pigments to keep his work visually interesting. Elizabeth Hutchinson is showing her series of oils. Painting mostly in the subject of landscapes, figures and wildlife, Elizabeth's work has the ability to spawn feelings of warmth and happiness. Marie Timbers is our artist who contributed abstract works that depict deep intellectual thoughts about the world around us. Her colour palette is bright and she also includes a variety of media in her paintings. Wendy Cain is probably the most experienced artist of the show. Exhibiting her works across Canada and internationally for over thirty-five years. The pieces she has here on display are all created from handmade paper pulp and sprayed with colour through a series of stencils.
The opening for Changing Hue 2009 was held last Thursday, October 15th. The turnout was great and it is in my pride that I say the artist's were happy with the hanging and display of their work. Come see the exhibit for yourself, and fall in love with the pieces as much as we have.

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